had i the heavens' embroidered cloths,
enwrought with golden and silver light, the blue and the dim and the dark cloths of night and light and the half-light, i would spread the cloths under your feet: but i, being poor, have only my dreams; i have spread my dreams under your feet; tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.





richard adams
watership down

dan brown
angels and demons
the da vinci code

tom clancy
the hunt for red october
red storm rising
patriot games
the cardinal of the kremlin
clear and present danger
the sum of all fears
without remorse
debt of honour
executive orders
rainbow six
the bear and the dragon
red rabbit
teeth of the tiger

paulo coelho
the alchemist
the valkyries
by the river piedra i sat down and wept
the fifth mountain
veronika decides to die
the devil and miss prym
eleven minutes

o zahir

michael connelly
the black echo
the black ice
the concrete blonde

the last coyote
trunk music
angels flight
a darkness more than light
city of bones
lost light

the narrows
the closers
echo park

bernard cornwell
sharpe's tiger
sharpe's triumph
sharpe's fortress
sharpe's trafalgar
sharpe's prey
sharpe's rifles
sharpe's havoc
sharpe's eagle
sharpe's gold
sharpe's escape

sharpe's fury
sharpe's battle
sharpe's company
sharpe's sword

sharpe's enemy
sharpe's honour
sharpe's regiment

sharpe's siege
sharpe's revenge
sharpe's waterloo

sharpe's devil

jeffrey deaver
the bone collector
the coffin dancer
the empty chair
the stone monkey

the vanished man
the twelfth card
the cold moon

umberto eco
foucault's pendulum

jeffrey eugenides
the virgin suicides

frederick forsyth
great flying stories (ed.)
the day of the jackal
the odessa file
the dogs of war
the shepherd
the devil's alternative
no comebacks
the negotiator
the fist of god
the veteran

neil gaiman
american gods
sandman: preludes & noctures
sandman: the doll's house
sandman: dream country
sandman: season of mists
sandman: a game of you
sandman: fables & reflections

sandman: brief lives
sandman: worlds' end
sandman: the kindly ones

sandman: the wake
sandman: endless nights

robert harris

nick hornby
fever pitch
high fidelity
about a boy
how to be good
long way down

khalid hosseini
the kite runner

kazuo ishiguro
a pale view of hills
an artist of the floating world
the remains of the day
the unconsoled
when we were orphans

never let me go

natsuo kirino

hanif kureishi
gabriel's gift
the body

the buddha of suburbia
love in a blue time
the black album

yann martel
life of pi

charlie mingus
beneath the underbelly

david mitchell
cloud atlas
black swan green

haruki murakami
hear the wind sing
pinball 1973
a wild sheep chase
hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world
norwegian wood
dance dance dance
south of the border, west of the sun
the elephant vanishes
wind up bird chronicle
sputnik sweetheart
after the quake

kafka on the shore
blind willow, sleeping woman

after dark

sylvia plath
the bell jar

terry prachett
good omens
colour of magic
the light fantastic
equal rites
wyrd sisters
guards! guards!
moving pictures
reaper man
witches abroad
small gods
lords and ladies
men at arms
soul music
interesting times
feet of clay
the last continent
carpe jugulum
the fifth elephant
the truth
thief of time
the last hero
the amazing maurice and his educated rodents

night watch
the wee free men
monstrous regiment
a hat full of sky
going postal


mario puzo
the godfather

ian rankin
a good hanging
beggers banquet
the watchman

knots and crosses
hide and seek
tooth and nail
strip jack
the black book
mortal causes
let it bleed
black and blue
the hanging garden
dead souls
set in darkness
the falls
resurrection men
a question of blood
fleshmarket close
naming of the dead

jk rowling
harry potter and the philosopher's stone
harry potter and the chamber of secrets
harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
harry potter and the goblet of fire
harry potter and the order of the phoenix

harry potter and the half-blood prince

zadie smith
white teeth
autograph man
on beauty

jrr tolkien
fellowship of the ring
the two towers
return of the king



stephen e. ambrose
citizen soldiers (reread)
the wild blue
band of brothers (reread)

nothing like it in the world
pegasus bridge
the supreme commander: the war years of general...

phil ball
morbo: the story of spanish football
white storm: 101 years of real madrid

jimmy burns
barca: a people's passion

ken burns

ron chernow
the house of morgan

edward conlon
blue blood

uli hesse-lichtenberger
tor! the story of german football

laura hillenbrand
seabiscuit: an american legend

ashley kahn
kind of blue
a love supreme

paul krugman
the age of diminished expectations
development, geography and economic theory (ohlin)
peddling prosperity...
the great unravelling... (reread)
the accidental theorist
pop internationalism
the return of depression economics

michael lewis
moneyball: the art of winning an unfair game
liar's poker
money culture

hal moore
we were soldiers once, and young

pj o'rourke
the bachelor home companion
holidays in hell
parliament of whores
give war a chance
all the trouble in the world
age and guile beat youth, innocence and a bad hair cut
eat the rich
the ceo of the sofa
peace kills: america's fun new imperialism

bertrand russell
why i am not a christian
the conquest of happiness

david winner
the brilliant orange
those feet

richard winters
beyond band of brothers: the war memoirs of major...